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This set of kittens are 5th generation from the wild Serval, and it shows in their character. Robust and vigorourous, they can run like a gazelles. 

• Carnivorous, they like treats of real chicken so we share our meals with them. Of course, they are quite happy with wet cat food and kibbles. 

• Incredibly sharp intelligence, they are all litter trained and can easily learn to walk on a leash, use the toilet instead of the litter, fetch, sit, get in the cage, and more. Anything a dog can do, they can do better.

* Exotic Look. Their black spots give them the look of a cheetah, while the background highlights of silver grey match those of the elite Savannah breed. 

* They will have all their shots before leaving our home. 

Any family taking one home will have a VERY special cat for up to 18 or 20 years.  

Sire: Hunter (Bud)  and  Dam:  Myla, both SBT Savannah Purebred breeder felines produce Registered Purebred Kittens available at $1800 each


These easily learn to walk on a leash - so much fun. Real attention getters.

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Sophisticated SophistiCats 

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