Savannah cats are one of the hottest breeds in the world right now. A newly recognized breed in this century, bred down from the African Serval, a wild cat that roams throughout Africa. Savannahs have only been domesticated since 1976, and then recognized as a specific breed by TICA® The International Cat Association since 2001.

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Kitty Kitty: 

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These kittens are 5th generation from the wild, and it shows in their character. Robust and vigorous, they are known for their strength, musculature and athleticism. They can run like a gazelle and jump high like a deer. Their blacks spots give them the wild look of a cheetah, nicely contrasted by their background highlights of gold/orange.

Don’t let their cute looks fool you. They can be formidable. They know what they want and routinely take desired toys away from the other cats.

High intelligent, they can walk on a leash, and could easily be trained to fetch, shake a paw, and use the toilet. Anything a dog can learn, they can learn better.

Any family taking one home will have a VERY SPECIAL pet in their life.


Born: December 13th 2015 TICA registered F3 Average Adult Weight: 8 - 9 pounds 

Aimee is a two year old teen kitten, almost adult. She has a happy, loving nature and is very talkative. A wonderful companion cat, so well named because she is the lover in our cattery. Playful and frisky, her fun keeps her young and the rest of us very happy. Of course, litter trained, has had all her shots including rabies. She has walked on a leash but needs a lot more training. She features a savannah spotted coat and a gorgeous, pointed face and long legs which make her look so sophisticated. She has little tufts on the top of her ears and wonderful green eyes. Her mother Siam, is an F2 breeder female.  

Microchip: 162-956 FDX-B 956000006070667

Value: $4500

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